Watch Our 41 Magnum Videos On You Tube

Studio 41 Productions,in cooperation with
The 41 Magnum Society,has produced a
series of videos on You Tube...Subjects
include the 41 Magnum revolvers made by
Smith & Wesson and Ruger as well as a
public service message against "gun-free
zones"...To view these informative videos,
simply go to You Tube and search for
"Studio 41 Productions"...Then click on
the channel icon or any of the video titles
that may appear in the search results...

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The Excellent "N-Frame"

There's nothing in the world like a
Smith & Wesson N-Frame revolver,
especially when it is chambered in
the 41 Magnum...The "Model 57"
and it's more conservative brother,
the "Model 58",have roots that can
be traced back to 1907 when the
folks in Springfield,Massachusetts
introduced their first large-frame
wheel-gun,the "New Century" in
44 Special...This masterpice of fire-
arms technology set the trend for
the next 100 years...So,if you love
the "N-Frame" 41's as much as we
do,please visit our special forums
and make a comment:

Thank you!
Maynard F. Magnum,Esq